Murals, Portraits, Illustration



  • Larry's murals have been a tremendous source of pride for numerous communities.  Whether it's an exterior historical mural, an interior piece, or the side of a football stadium press box, his art reflects the passion and diversity of his clients



  • The artist's passion for portraits and figure work is reflected in the portfolio of work seen here.  Commission a personal portrait, celebrity portrait, or figure piece today.

Sports Illustration


  • Whether it be as an athlete or coach, athletics have always played a significant role in Larry's life.  His love of sport is evident in his library of sports illustration.

Motorcycles & Muscle Cars


  • Larry's enthusiasm for life extends to the open road. The freedom it provides, the smell of gasoline and the throaty rumble of an engine inspire the artist to create beautiful images of motorcycles and muscle cars.

Miscellaneous Art


  • Artprize entries, illustrations, and other commissioned pieces can be found here.  Larry is available for commissioned work of any subject or medium.